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  • Welcome to Cloverleaf Cattle Company’s website and blog!

    Cloverleaf Cattle Company Ltd. is a family owned backgrounding and cow/calf operation located in Elgin, Manitoba. The company is owned and operated by Randall & Alva Farough, Rylan & Jennith Farough, Neil & Ashley McDougall and Morgan & Amber Moore. Randall began operations in 1980 with a backgrounding and finishing lot, later saw the addition of a cow/calf side-component. Cloverleaf has more recently focused it's attention on the development of large packages of high-quality, first-cut bred heifers with heavy Red and Black Angus parentage. With 30 years of cattle feeding, breeding and selection experience, and a new generation of enthusiasm, we at Cloverleaf are excited to provide a one-stop-shop where commercial cattlemen can source high quality, consistent and honest replacement heifers.

    Check back often for more information on the development of a large set of Red and Black AI bred heifers for sale in 2011/2012.

    Hardworking Young Cows For Sale

    650+ One Iron 2nd – 5th Calving Angus and Angus x Cows for sale. 350+ Blacks and 150+ Reds.  Blacks bred Black Angus, Reds bred Charolais & Red Angus. 150+ Charolais x & Simmental x Cows bred Red Angus & Charolais.  Calving May 1, 2014.  Preg-checked, Ivomeced, full vaccination program and well fed.  Heavily culled herd.  Top sort out of 1000+ cow herd.  Price includes delivery and export costs to US if applicable.  For sale in pot-load lots gate-run.  Call Randall at 204-483-0228

    New Bred Heifer Pictures

    Here are some fresh heifer pictures.  There are approximately 250 Black Bred Heifers and 150 Red/RWF and Tan Bred Heifers.   Here’s the speel again: All AI Bred with no clean-up bull exposure.  Will ALL calve in a 10 day window.  Blacks bred to 69lb BW SAV Final Answer 0035 and Reds bred to 74lb BW Feddes Big Sky R9.  They are a very nice set of heifers.  Don’t be shy – Come for a look!!

    Real. Life. Performance.

    I took a moment this morning to go for a drive through the black heifer pasture with my camera in-hand.  It seems that in no time 2 months has passed since the last time I uploaded some pictures.  The heifers are easily the most elite set of heifers that we have ever developed here at Cloverleaf.  Being able to GUARANTEE that every single one of these heifers is bred to the top AI sires in both Red and Black Angus categories adds to their appeal.  One of the things that has impressed me most with this years set of heifers is that they look like they do without an ounce of special treatment.  They have been grazing wheat stubble now for the month of October.  Prior to that they spent 3 weeks grazing corn stover from our corn silage.  Filler, but not exactly rocket fuel feed and yet they still look very good.  These are cattle that will be economical to keep and profitable to own.

    Here are some pictures from today.

    Black Heifer Photos

    I finally made time to take  some Black Heifer photos tonight at dusk.  These are easily our best group of heifers developed yet.  They are in great condition even inspite of the dryness that has really set our pastures back.

    We made the decision not to use clean-up bulls this summer.  By choosing to do so, we can guarantee breeding dates and guarantee that every one of these heifers are bred to an elite AI sire.  This means that the heifers will ALL calve roughly within a 2 week window, will ALL be bred to SAV Final Answer 0035 (the Reds and Tans are bred to Feddes Big Sky R9) and will all throw high value top-end progeny.   The heifers were all pregchecked via ultrasound at 50 days of pregnancy.  They will be re-checked prior to leaving the farm to ensure that they are still 100% safe-in-calf.

    A package of heifers with these credentials is very rare, especially with the depth of quality.  If you come and look at the heifers, I’m not sure that I’ll even have a sales pitch – the heifers will speak for themselves.

    325 Blacks – Bred 68 lb BW Black Angus (SAV Final Answer 0035)

    75 Black Baldies/Brockles – Bred 68 lb BW Black Angus (SAV Final Answer 0035)

    150 Red/Red Baldies/Chars – Bred Red Angus (Feddes Big Sky R9)

    Here’s a taste…

    A.I. Week in Pictures

    A blog update is way past due, and for that I apologize to our regular followers.  To bring you up to speed on what is going on; we are basically finished calving, the last of the cows are being sorted into their respective breeding groups and we hope to have the bulls out with the cows by the end of the week.  The heifers were AI bred from June 26 – 29.  This year we bred 1300 heifers and 25 cows.  We changed our program up a little, away from the MGA feed additive program to the CIDR implant program for estrus suppression, with hopes of increased conception rates.  Even though the CIDR program is about 10x the cost of MGA, the extra control and the elimination of some intake variance should mean that we have more pregnancies on the initial breeding round.  We stuck to the same high-profile bulls as last year.  The black heifers were bred to SAV Final Answer and the red heifers were bred to Feddes Big Sky.  So we are excited to see how the conception rates to AI turn out.  The breeding week went very well.  We bred about 325 head each day, and then on Friday we also bred an additional 25 young black cows that we are offering for sale.  These cows were all bred to the famous SAV Net Worth 4200.  I have never seen another bull that compares for muscular expression and carcass conformation as Net Worth.  These 25 cow/calf pairs with the Net Worth calf in-utero are now available for sale.  If you are interested in them, please call me. 204-741-0748

    Here are some pictures of AI week.

    The whole crew.

    SAV Final Answer – Bred to all the Black Heifers

    Feddes Big Sky – Bred to all of the Red Heifers

    SAV Net Worth – Bred to 25 hand-picked Black Cows (with calves at foot)